Martin Lindstrom

The Ministry of Common Sense

Martin Lindstrom is an international branding expert, advisor to Fortune Top 500 brands, and author of seven New York Times best-selling books. He is a founder and chairman of the Lindstrom company, a business and culture transformation company.

While still a teenager he created his own Legoland in his back garden, prompting a visit from Lego’s lawyers that subsequently led to a long and productive consulting relationship with the company. Lindstrom pioneered the introduction of brands on the internet, and has explored how we use our five senses in branding.

He has championed the role of the subconscious mind in how we make decisions to buy things, and used small data to uncover hidden desires, with a view to turning them into breakthrough products. He is among TIME’s “world’s 100 most influential people”.

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NYT best-selling author of Buyology and Small Data, addressing "How have and will relationships with customers change in the new world order?"